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Responsibilities of an Alpha Delta Gamma Man

Code of Responsibilities For

Every College Fraternity Member

Scholastic Responsibility: 

The well-being of the Chapter, the Fraternity, and the entire College Fraternity System depends upon achieving and maintaining a high degree of scholarship. It is the duty of every member to give his best efforts to his studies, to enhance the academic record of his Chapter.

Character Responsibility: 

To the college administration and the public, the moral conduct and personal behavior of each member affects the total Chapter image. This makes it imperative to act all times, according to the highest standards of integrity, propriety and good taste.

Leadership Responsibility: 

Since the continued existence of the Chapter requires regular succession of leaders, it is the obligation of every member to prepare for positions of service and authority - not seeking any office but being ready to accept when needed, and to serve to the best of his ability.

Obedience Responsibility:

Policies and regulations are established by the college and the fraternity for the good of all. It is incumbent upon every member to comply, with all such rules and practices - including those relating to hazing, drinking and social affairs. Every member shall attend all Chapter meetings and official functions unless excused from doing so.

Financial Responsibility: 

Each member shall promptly meet all bills presented to him for Fraternity expenses in conformity with Chapter requirements; he shall avoid incurring debts with other members or with local merchants which are not paid when due. Members shall reside in and eat all meals at the Chapter house when such facilities are available.

Responsibility to Fellow Man

Alpha Delta Gamma believes in the common brotherhood of mankind. As a part of Alpha Delta Gamma, Brothers must be responsible to their fellow man. Such responsibility means neither that we should interfere in the lives of others nor that we must be accountable for others. Rather, it means that we should be available to help others and responsive to the needs of others. We do not seek only to do great things for our fellow man, for often it is the small act of brotherhood which serves him best. We do not require acknowledgement for our aid to others, for our reward is in doing for others, not in receiving praise for our deeds. By striving to be of service to our fellow man and our Brothers, we will better mankind.

Responsibility to Fraternity

We enjoy the rights and privileges of Alpha Delta Gamma. We now have responsibility, in turn, to give to the Fraternity. For more than being a part of Alpha Delta Gamma, we are, in fact, Alpha Delta Gamma itself. Within the Fraternity itself, there are three levels of responsibility. We are responsible for full participation in the activities of our Chapter. In addition to taking part and enjoying the various events sponsored by the Chapter, there are certain things, such as attending Chapter meetings, prompt payment of dues, serving on committees, and accepting appointed offices or running for elected offices to help administer the Chapter, which should be automatic to you.

Responsibility to the National Chapter

As an active or an Alumnus, there is a second level of responsibility within the Fraternity. Although we belong to a single Chapter, we are also seeking brotherhood in the total fraternity - Alpha Delta Gamma National Fraternity. Our responsibility to the National Chapter is not merely learning about the national organization and history. Rather we must all take a pro-active role by participating in national activities - attend Convention or seminars, serve on National committees, or support the Educational Foundation. By doing this, we will be able to strengthen the Fraternity and derive full advantage of being a member of a national Fraternity. 

Responsibility to Society

The Alpha Delta Gamma man's responsibility is constant. Alpha Delta Gamma does not exist in a vacuum, isolated from the needs of the world. To the contrary, we are devoted to "the world of men around us." The end of all responsibility is, of course, that end for which the Fraternity labors - Ad Dei Gloriam. The Fraternity is a Christian organization dedicated to serving God by serving man. The Alpha Delta Gamma man, then, must unite the Fraternity in this purpose and serve man so that the Fraternity, through its members, will indeed work for the glory of God. 

We must also maintain a reasonable balance of responsibility so that one area is not stressed at the expense of another. To aid in our development, the Fraternity encourages us to adopt what we refer to as the "sacrament of the moment." This means simply doing the proper thing at the proper time - whether it be studying, playing or praying. By adhering to what we are supposed to be doing at all times, we will truly become the responsible man our Fraternity expects of us.

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