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Board of Directors

The National Board of Directors is the appointed body of the National Government. All Officers of the Executive Council (aside from the President, Executive Vice President and Moderator) have a National Department that they operate. There are approximately 23 appointed members of the Board of Directors but the number of members of a Department can vary per the needs of the Fraternity.

Each Department is responsible for different aspects of the Fraternity – internal, external, financial, and even the National Convention. The focus of the Departments remains fixed on all aspects of Active membership and overall Chapter protocol and management.

22-24 Board of Directors

National President: Anthony Medellin, Xi

National Vice President: DeMarcus Formbly, AE

National Vice President of Internal Affairs:  Jon Boyle, Z

Membership Development Director:
Council Secretary:

Sergeant-At Arms:



   Alpha Epsilon:
   Alpha Eta:
   Alpha Iota:
   Alpha Kappa:

Zane Phillips - AH
Appointed at events
Bryan Lind - B
Bryan Lind - B

Derrick Cabrera
Peter Wilkinson
Tim Jones
Sam Raycraft
Jared Manning
Aaron Judd
Jason Breton
Collin Sanders-Lamoree
Austin Stout
Ernesto Vasquez
Drezden Johnson

National Vice President of External Affairs: Bryant Sanchez ,AE

Rick Management Director:

National Insurance Liaison:

National Expansion Director:

West Coast Chair:

South East Coast Chair:

Midwest Coast Chair:

Northeast Coast Chair:

Philanthropic Director:

Alumni Affairs Director:

Alphadelity Editor:

Anthony Duong - Xi

Justin Lautre - B
Samuel Raycraft - L
Samuel Raycraft - L
Zander Haddad - Z
Justin Lauture - B
Deidric Tupper - Xi
Stone Roe - P

Austin Stout - AH

National Vice President of Finance: Cody Bauer, AK

Chapter Financial Advisor:

National Moderator (interim): 

Chapter Spirtual Advisor:

Mental Health Awareness Chair:

Spiritual Retreats Chair:

David Gembara - B

Matthew Hogue-Smith - P

Jose Alvarado - K

National Student Representative: Kenneth Daniel Cody, AE


Social Media Director:

Listserv Moderator:

Kevin Magee - AH

Zander Haddad - Z
Zander Haddad - Z

Past National President: Aaron Dwyer, K

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