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What Parents Should Know About Alpha Delta Gamma

Who we are as a Fraternity

Alpha Delta Gamma is not your average fraternity.  Our Brotherhood is founded in the devotion to Christian ideals of true manhood and the “Set the world on fire” zeal of the Jesuits in selflessly serving our fellow man.  Through our precepts, we support mutual academic, service and fellowship principles to enable young men transition in becoming Brothers to all.

Will Alpha Delta Gamma

get in the way of my son's education?

Alpha Delta Gamma reflects on one of its Five S’s – Scholastic.  As one of our most important tenets, we seek to ensure the growth and development of each brother in his thirst for knowledge on their campuses and in their classrooms.

Many of our chapters offer or require study hours for their members in guaranteeing the scholastic and academic success of its members.  In focusing on this precept, the men of Alpha Delta Gamma aspire to be leaders on their campuses.  Academically, this is no exception.

Your son will spend many hours with Brothers of ADG, but will make of those hours constructive and positive time of academic excellence and collegiate success.  It is in the interest of the member, of their campus and of Alpha Delta Gamma to see that each member not merely succeeds, but rather excels in their achievements.

What does Alpha Delta Gamma

mean for my son after college?

Alpha Delta Gamma is no four year commitment; an Alphadelt is a Brother for life.  In our pursuit of this lifelong commitment, we provide support as alums to our undergraduates and to one another in our lives after graduation.  We honor the time tested tradition of providing resources for employment, advancement and philanthropy.  We come together in fellowship to recognize those who have passed.  Furthermore, we continue to give back by providing support, advice and resources to undergraduates during their most integral academic growth in college.

As a parent, what can I do to help?

Chapters are always looking for volunteers to help with chapter functions!
Get involved! We would encourage you to seek out the chapter officers and alumni. Meet with them if you have concerns. They should be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Above all else, you should be asking your son questions. Here are some key questions to ask:

  • How are your grades?

  • What is Alpha Delta Gamma doing for you?

  • Do you believe you are being hazed?

  • What emphasis is placed on social events in your chapter?

By asking those questions, you will be able to determine if Alpha Delta Gamma is the right fit for your son.

The Truth About Hazing:

Many often associate hazing with Greek organizations. Alpha Delta Gamma is unique in that we are men, following in the steps of St. Ignatius of Loyola – founder of the Jesuits –as men for others.  It is impossible to build a City Walled without the trust and mutual respect of each member.  Brothers at Zeta Chapter wrote:

ADG does not view our members as pledges.  Our candidates for membership are not bottom of the barrel.  They do not trickle down.  They are shown the same respect every man inherently deserves, as they are not the lowest, but the highest bricks on an ever growing City Walled.

The fraternal staff works very hard to educate our undergraduate and alumni members on the importance of teaching our candidates through activities other than hazing, through the Five S’s. Alpha Delta Gamma encourages all members (active or alumni), concerned family members, relatives or campus officials, to reach out to the National Executive Council.  Should you believe that your son is being hazed, we encourage you to contact us 24 hours a day by 
email: Our National Executive Council will respond promptly to all inquiries.

The Truth About Alcohol:

While Alpha Delta Gamma is a social brotherhood, Alphadelts are held to highest standards of behavior and stature. Alpha Delta Gamma Fraternity does not condone the use of alcohol by minors at any time and takes a zero tolerance approach in doing so. Though our individual chapters may, and do, hold social functions, brothers are expected to uphold the laws of the city and state, as well as the rules of the university and Alpha Delta Gamma, at all times.

Risk management is of upmost importance and should chapters be in violation of our Risk Management  Policy, they are subject to disciplinary action from the Fraternity. The safety of our members, along with upholding the local city and state laws, is a serious priority.

Fraternity Statistics & Facts

  • 85% of the Fortune 500 Executives have belonged to a Fraternity

  • All but two US Presidents since 1825 have joined a Fraternity

  • Nationally, those belonging to a greek organization have higher GPAs than those not

  • Fraternity members are more likely to get involved with service events that help with the community

  • All but two U.S. Presidents and two Vice Presidents since 1825 have been Greek

Should you have any concerns, you can always feel free to contact us at

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